turmoil in my head - whatever that means
Sunday, May 10, 2015 | Sunday, May 10, 2015 | 0 comments

You know that feeling of uncertainty and insecurities. Well, that's what I've been feeling for this past few days.

My original plan was to further my tertiary education in dentistry - I even planned out everything from foundation till masters, but it seems like there might be a slight change in plan. Well, major actually. I managed to score a scholarship namely JPA scholarship in engineering which if luck is on my side, might bring me to France. I'm thankful, really. But the thing is, its kinda scary since this is totally unplanned. Plus the French education system is really different from Malaysian's. So if I flunk it literally means I flunk and all I'll be left with is my spm. Yup, no kidding. Its a risk, but if I do study hard and succeed, its gonna be a sweet success.

To make my brain even more overwork, I actually had secured a place in UM ( University Malaya ) in asasi sains hayat. UM is like my dream university since as far as I could remember. But JPA scholarships is not something I can just let go. Thousands interviewed for this. I am lucky enough to get it. I don't think I should waste this opportunity.

Well then, now comes another dilemma. I am to enroll into INTEC ( International Education College ) this coming 18th of May but really, its under short notice and I haven't really got time to pack. That's not the problem anyway. I'm just scared .. Ughhhhhh.. I'm praying that I  be able to enroll without any problems.

Wish me luck